Why Artisa?

All cottage cheese is not created equally. There are many things that separate Artisa from all the rest. We are proud to be:

  • All natural We don’t use ingredients that you can’t pronounce. No thickeners with questionable health effects. Just wholesome, all-natural ingredients to power your body.
  • Low fat Artisa cottage cheese has just 3 grams of fat per each single-serve cup, lower than typically seen in cottage cheese.
  • High protein Did we mention that Artisa has more protein per single serve cup than Greek yogurt? It’s a powerhouse snack, and will help keep you full and satisfied.
  • Real food We think that real food is not packed with hormones and preservatives. Real food comes from the farm or the orchard, and doesn’t need chemicals to change anything about it.
Check out one of our flavors, and taste the Artisa difference.

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